What's Happening

On Sept. 15, 2014, Target announced it's plans to open a TargetExpress in the location of the Gala grocery store at 3030 Grape Ave, San Diego, CA 92102.


In addition, the commercial real estate company, Flocke & Avoyer, (whose portfolio of strip malls is filled with large chains) is also advertising a "new ±5,000 SF Shops building" for lease in the same lot and are billing the property as "South Park Retail Shops." In their marketing package, they are listing competition for the new building as large fast food chains and banks. They tout their "thousands of transactions with regional leaders in development and also with virtually every national discounter, supermarket, drug store, soft goods store, retailer, theater and home improvement chains active in Southern California."

South Park Retail Shops Description

±5,000 SF Shops Building Description

South Park Retail Shops Location

±5,000 SF Shops Building Location

South Park Retail Shops Competition

±5,000 SF Shops Building Competition Marketing

What's At Stake

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What Can You Do

Sign the petition! Tell Target and San Diego City Council President, Todd Gloria, to keep South Park local and unique by keeping large chains out and small businesses in!

You can find the petition here on this site, or by visiting change.org.

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